We're proud to say that 10 years of development has yielded a clinical decision support system unlike anything else in the industry. CareEngine, our advanced CDS technology, continuously absorbs patient data, assesses it against current evidence-based clinical standards, and transforms it into actionable intelligence.

Using a sophisticated clinical logic that integrates highly specific patient data, CareEngine is able to create a detailed patient profile – one that identifies opportunities to improve care and delivers relevant, real-time, actionable alerts, which we call Care Considerations.

And we won't inundate you with annoying or irrelevant alerts. We hate them as much as you do. CareEngine is designed to avoid the generation of "false positive" alerts. And you have the option to turn them off any time you want. But before you do, consider this:

  • A comparison of Care Considerations against information
    in patient charts yielded a clinical accuracy rate of 98%.1
  • Two randomized clinical trials published in peer-reviewed
    journals demonstrated the meaningful quality and
    economic value of CareEngine.2,3

In short, CareEngine is designed to foster outcomes that lead to better patient care and support performance-driven payment.

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Watch how ActiveHealth and IBM are Transforming Healthcare for Sharp Community Medical Group on San Diego, CA.

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ActiveHealth and IBM are currently working with Sharp Community Medical Group in San Diego, CA, to implement Collaborative Care Solutions to connect the system's 200 primary care physicians and 500 specialists. The Collaborative Care Solution will help doctors make better informed decisions and deliver care in support of emerging accountable care and patient-centered medical home models. Click here to see how IBM and ActiveHealth are helping Sharp transform the way care is being delivered.

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