Active CareTeam


How we do it

Are you getting the right answers to your Health IT questions?

Decoding the health information technology aspect of health care reform can be…challenging. EMR is the first step. But knowing what comes next – how to make the data your EMR has captured work for you – is where it can get confusing.

And that's where Active CareTeam comes in. We know you need to extract information from that data. You need to be able to access that information when and where you want it. You need to be able to use that information in a meaningful way. And you need to be able to share that information with everyone in your clinical care universe – from physician to care team, nurse to patient, provider to patient, pharmacy to lab, front desk to back office, local hospital system to statewide exchange. With the goal being: better patient outcomes, better performance measures, better economic health.

Getting the most out of your data

EMR may be enough for 2011. But 2015?

Don't get us wrong. EMR is a good thing. It's essential to the digital capture of care data. But data only gets you so far. Active CareTeam takes that data and transforms it into actionable medical intelligence, delivering it to you where it matters most – @ the clinical decision point. And Active CareTeam tracks the impact of clinical actions on quality outcomes and economic performance – all in real time at the point of care. And that will help position you to meet all the right measures for 2011 and beyond.

With Active CareTeam you get:

  • Easy access to summary views of patient information both within your organization and outside it.
  • Quality metrics for assessing your organization's performance against the measures that matter most for Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurers.
  • The ability to track how the members of your team are meeting quality measures – and how their performance impacts your economy.

Using a dashboard design, our interactive workflow portal:

  • Supports quality initiatives at the point of care
  • Provides specific views for all clinical extenders
  • Delivers clinical decision support (CDS) analysis in real time at the point of care
  • Creates and calculates provider-specific quality metrics, with patient, panel and population views
  • Displays key variables trended over time
  • Updates quality measures with new data as it becomes available
  • Integrates information from encounter, billing, lab, and pharmacy

And no, you don't have to toss out your old EMR. Active CareTeam is designed to wrap around it. Seamlessly. And connect it to any industry-standard health information exchange (HIE).