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How sustainable and useful is your HIE?

Active CareTeamSM is ready to help your stakeholders get connected to HIE-powered capabilities that will help them achieve "meaningful use" and deliver the savings they need to support a sustainable health IT infrastructure. We can empower you with the tools providers serving Medicaid and state employee health plan members need to manage and coordinate patient care in a way that improves quality while reducing costs.

Our suite of solutions includes:

  • CareEngine® - Advanced Clinical Decision Support and Alerts, our patented CDS system.
  • Integrated Registries and CareTeam Workflow Portals – an on-demand physician registry and portal that is web-enabled.
  • My ActiveHealth Personal Health Record (PHR) Portal - alerts can be delivered in the PHR both from historical data and in real time at the point of care..
  • Quality Measures Reporting - quality performance measures for physicians as an accompaniment to the registry.

These solutions can help you:

  • Support medical-home care models.
  • Power state objectives related to chronic disease management in under-served populations.
  • Enable medication management, bio-surveillance and other critical public health initiatives.

And you can rest assured our solutions have been rigorously tested and proven in clinical trials to produce the value you need from your investment of public dollars in community-based health IT solutions.

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