At CeQur SA we respect our clients’ privacy in regards to any of their personal information we may obtain. A relationship of trust and confidence is high of priority to us when it comes to collecting and using personal information such as email address, phone numbers, and including but not limited to mailing addresses. We hope that full disclosure of our privacy policies and practices will help provide our clients with a sense of security in knowing that their information is handled with confidence as well as professionalism.

  • Information We Collect
    CeQur collects and uses only the personal information our clients provide us with as well as the information we legally purchase. Client information is gathered from emails, phone calls, interviews, personal encounters with our clients, and legal buying markets. We treat all of our clients’ personal information with the same level of confidentiality and respect, regardless of the nature in which we collected it, and the degree to which our relationship exists among each client.

  • Third Parties and Sharing information
    All of the information obtained by CeQur is for our company’s use. We do not sell or rent any information we obtain regarding our clients both past and present. All contact information as well as any other private information we collect is confidential. Our company reserves the right to employ third party affiliates to aide us with the progress of our products. These third parties may be hired to perform tasks that include handling personal information on our behalf.

  • Confidentiality and Security within CeQur
    At CeQur we make it a priority to protect all of our clients personal information by the implementation of technical as well as physical safeguards. Our security procedures for storing and using personal information are designed to protect all information from misuse, alteration, and loss.